A Complete Handbook
by Burt Rapp
Undercover ! Undercover operations and their relation to the techniques of espionage have acquired a mystique and image of glamour that overshadows how truly grimy they often are, and the abuses that can result from them. In reality, an undercover operation is a tool, morally neutral, and it is the people using the tool who make it worthwhile or sleazy. This book will clear up the misconceptions and give the real inside story on undercover operations and how to conduct them. Contents include: *A complete glossary of undercover terms and what they mean:
*The strange and bizarre world of undercover operations
*Actual case histories of real life undercover operations
*Undercover work and the law -- what you can and can't do legally
*The seven qualities a good undercover operative must have
*A quick and inexpensive training program for undercover operatives
*How an undercover agent establishes his cover -- six vital details
*And much, much more!
All in all, Burt Rapp's Undercover Work is the single best book ever written on the subject -- highly recommended!
1986, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 143 pp, soft cover.

Undercover Work
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