by Jon Fisher
For the Robinson Crusoes among us comes an extraordinary book exploring the uninhabited islands in the oceans of the world. In Uninhabited Ocean Islands , Jon Fisher takes you on a fascinating journey to some of the most isolated real estate on earth.
This engrossing tour stops at more than 180 exotic islands . The author is your tour guide and provides a history and political status of each stop along the way.
Each island is described in detail, including:
*Size *Climate *Vegetation *Animal Life *Water Supplies *Structures *And more.
The exact locations of the uninhabited islands are shown in 84 precise maps.
Whether you need a resting place, a temporary hideout, a permanent home, or just a mental vacation from the stress of urban life, you will find this book to be an excellent companion. Informational and entertaining, Uninhabited Ocean Islands is a travel guide you will enjoy again and again.
"For the cruising sailor who's really serious about getting away from it all!"
­p; Cruising World
1991, 51¦2 x 81¦2, 160 pp, illustrated, indexed, soft cover.

Uninhabited Ocean Islands
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