by John Q. Newman

   Loompanics Unlimited is very proud to present the largest and most in-depth study of the United States identification system ever prepared -- John Q. Newman's Understanding U.S. Identity Documents. Must reading for all new identity seekers, and anyone else interested in identification, false identification and alternate I.D.!
   You know who you are. Your friends and family know who you are. But thousands of people you deal with in government and business know you only from a document. If you alter your documents, you can evade taxes, regulation and supervision. You can also reap a wide spectrum of benefits and privileges that are bestowed on those people the system likes.
   Understanding U.S. Identity Documents provides a detailed examination of the most important documents for establishing identity: birth certificates, Social Security cards, drivers licenses and passports. It shows how each document is generated and used, and explains the strengths and weaknesses of the agencies issuing them.
   Understanding U.S. Identity Documents contains the most detailed examination of basic identity documents ever made available to the public. Each of the four sections contains more information than most entire books on the subject.
   There is no more thorough reference on U.S. identity documents and the U.S. identity system available anywhere. John Q. Newman's Understanding U.S. Identity Documents is an essential reference for anyone concerned with their official identity and how it is maintained and manipulated.
8 1/2 x 11 212 pages

Understanding U.S. Identity Documents
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