The Movie "Cookin' Crank"

With Uncle Fester

ISBN 0-9701485-0-X

Produced by:
Uncle Fester

Directed by:
Uncle Fester

Uncle Fester
and the
Graveyard Chicks

Filmed on location in Fester's
kitchen and bathroom

No animals were harmed during
the filming of this video

90 mins.

copywrite 1999 Uncle Fester

Uncle Fester has done it again!
In his new move Cookin' Crank with Uncle Fester,
He takes you through a step-by-step process
on how to make meth.

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Neither the author, publisher or seller will be held accountable for the use
or misuse of the information contained in this video.


Cookin' Crank with Uncle Fester DVD
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