by Otto Snow

OXY stands for OxyCodone (narcotic agonist) easily created from Garden
Poppies and varieties of Oriental Poppies. United States consumes 90% of
the world,s supply of oxycodone, placing a strain on the essential
precursor (thebaine) of oxycodone & naltrexone; narcotic antagonist.
Many countries have considered increasing the cultivation of Oriental
Poppies in the event of terrorist attack, meteor strike, plague, drought
or other natural disaster. Hundreds of Papaver species/alkaloids
described & referenced. DEA and global drug intelligence.

OXY; GLOBAL NARCOTICS PRODUCTION; Thebaine from Oriental Poppies;
OXYCODONE; Pharmacology of Oxycodone; Preparation of Oxycodone from
Thebaine; ETORPHINE; Process of Purifying Oripavines; Thebaine
Extraction and Purification; Extraction of Crude Thebaine from Dried
Seed Capsules. MORPHINE Extraction from Opium; A Process for the
Extraction of Alkaloids from Poppy Straw and/or Capsules; Morphine
from Codeine; The Opium Poppy and Other Poppies by Charles C. Fulton;
THE OPIUM POPPY; Distinction of the opium poppy from other commonly
cultivated poppies; The closest relatives of Papaver somniferum; OTHER
POPPIES; Principal species of poppies in American horticulture; Opium
alkaloids, and characteristic opium products which occur in other
plants; The alkaloidal constituents of some poppies; Opium Poppy
Cultivation and Heroin Processing in Southeast Asia. Cultivation
Methods; Opium Harvesting. Extraction of Morphine from Opium; Morphine
to Heroin. Packed with references, photos, graphs, charts; extractions
and chemistry in both English and German. An asset to the survivalist,
student or anyone interested in the facts.
6" x 9" 246 pages

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