Trip Magazine #8

Issue Eight Sneak Preview
So much good stuff we couldn't wait to tell you...

We just could wait to tell you about our coming issue, which is due to arrive in Summer of 2002. This issue will feature an Interview with visionary artist Alex Grey on the nature of art and transcendence, including images from his latest book Transfigurations. The cover for this issue will feature Grey's Cosmic Christ, an illuminated look into the galactic evolution of the human spirit. Also in store for this issue:

* An interview with filmmaker Richard Linklater (Dazed and Confused) on lucid dreaming and his inspiration for the groundbreaking film Waking Life
* An account of an African quest for Iboga by Rolling Stone's Daniel Pinchbeck
* More Corporate Metabolism from Paco Xander Nathan
* An Interview with MAPS' Rick Doblin on the latest MDMA clinical trials
* An article on the link between Psychedelics and Sexuality
* First-person accounts of "psychedelic lifestyles"
* An interview with Stanley Krippner on the Drug War
* A talk with the ACLU about civil rights and drug policy reform
* Plus reviews, and more! (can you believe it?)

This is definitely one issue you won't want to miss!

Trip Magazine #8
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