Condition of wholesale orders

 1. Minimum order of 20 books, with a minimum of 2 each of the same title, is required.
 2. Order must be prepaid with a credit card or money order.
 3. There is a $3 processing per order which includes free Delivery. (Local delivery) others shipping is cost + $3 We will send you an invoice for the cost of postage when we process your order.
 4. Only items on this page are available wholesale at a 40% discount.
5. Enter the code wholesale40 to receive a 40% discount.
 6. Wholesale orders can be made online, in writing or by phone.
 7. Only titles on this page are available wholesale. After adding a title to your cart, hit the back button to return to this page and continue shopping.



Acid Trips And Chemistry $16.95


  Clandestine Drug Laboratories $27.00


 Cocaine Consumer's Handbook $49.95


 Cocaine Consumer's Handbook Cassette Tape $19.95


 Ecstasy Dance Trance & Transformation $19.95


 Heavenly Highs $12.95


 High Priest $19.95


 Laughing Gas Nitrous Oxide $18.95


 Legal Highs $12.95


 Little Book of Acid $12.95


 Little Book of Heroin $12.95


 Little Book of Ketamine $12.95


 Opium for the Masses $24.95


  Opium/Ronin $12.95


 Pleasures Of Cocaine $16.95


 Politics of Consciousness $18.95


  Psilocybin Production $12.95


 Psychedelic Monographs and Essays Vol. 6 $20.00


 Psychedelic Chemistry $27.95


 Psychedelic Shamanism $24.95


  Psychedelic Underground Library $24.95


 Psychedelics / Ronin $14.95


 Psychedelics Encyclopedia $38.95

 Secrets Of Methamphetamine Manufacture 8th Edition $35.00


 Sex Drugs and Aphrodisiacs $12.95